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Mar 29, 2018

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Nora Z.

This project will save us $9,148 , allowing us to save over 20 hours of work and focus more time and resources on supporting our nonprofit members and working towards a strong nonprofit sector that benefits all New Yorkers!

What We Need

  • Clear and effective copy for an annual report that illustrates the Organization’s successes and plans for growth (e.g., descriptions of programs, allocation of funds, and recognition of donors and volunteers)
  • Blueprint of the structure for the annual report, including optimal content, length, and style
  • Suggestions for format and visuals, if applicable

How This Will Help

NPCC’s Annual Report is a way to acknowledge our supporters, report on the outcomes of our programs, and recognize important NPCC successes. We debut the report at our Annual Meeting of Members in the spring but also use it as a marketing tool throughout the year. In the past, our Annual Report has been jammed pack with information but lacked a cohesive story and often took up staff time and resources when it came time to copy edit. We seek a professional whose skills will change this and help tell NPCC’s story in a new and an exciting way.

What We Have In Place

We currently have a theme and brand messaging which should make it easy for you to get started. We also have data points and language and the ability to provide any other information you need.

Fun Fact

At NPCC, we affectionately refer to ourselves as a “30+ year old start up!” Although NPCC was founded in 1984, the organization has gone through many exciting changes over the last year. NPCC is a great place to work with staff members who are passionate about supporting New York nonprofits!

  • Location: Remote (work anywhere)

Project Steps

  • Prep: Distribution of Prep Materials
    • Volunteer Manager delivers relevant Organizational materials such as mission, vision, key messages, Organization’s history, profiles of individuals or communities served, previous annual reports and stories of impact
    • Volunteer Manager shares last year’s statistics, financial statements, significant accomplishments and stories of impact, awards received, new and noteworthy grants as well as the complete list of supporters including names and donor levels
    • Professional reviews prep materials and identifies any information gaps
  • Milestone 1: Project Outcomes, Steps, and Timelines are Determined
    • Professional and Volunteer Manager connect to discuss prep materials, overall goals, and desired tone and style for the copy
    • Professional and Volunteer Manager brainstorm key messages, themes, and content and determine a time for delivery
    • Professional creates project plan and articulates project goals
  • Milestone 2: Finalized Blueprint of the Report is Created
    • Professional creates the blueprint for the report and submits to the volunteer manager for review
    • Volunteer Manager reviews blueprint and provides feedback
    • Professional incorporates feedback and creates final draft of the blueprint
  • Milestone 3: Final Annual Report is Created
    • Professional writes first draft of the content for the report and submits to the volunteer manager for review
    • Volunteer Manager reviews the content and provides feedback
    • Professional incorporates feedback and creates final draft of the content
Prerequisites for Professional
  • Excellent writing and communications skills
  • Experience writing annual reports or comparable marketing collateral
Prerequisites for Organization
  • A senior staff member (e.g., executive director or board member) committed to providing feedback
  • Information about your Organization’s impact, financials, program achievements, and other relevant details

Our Mission

The Nonprofit Coordinating Committee of New York gives your nonprofit a voice. With a membership of over 1,400 organizations throughout New York City, Long Island and Westchester, we help nonprofits in areas as diverse as education, social services, the arts, religion, philanthropy, health, education, and economic development, by giving them tools and information to evaluate and improve all aspects of their performance and fulfill their missions.

  • City: New York, NY, USA
  • Staff Size: 6-25
  • Org age : More than 25 Years
Philanthropy & Capacity Building
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Taina S.

Project: Annual Report Writing for Nonprofit Coordinating Committee of New York

Posted Dec 14, 2017

Hello! I'm the new membership manager at NPCC and I'm hoping to connect with someone who can help me weave a story out of our annual report. We do great work with nonprofits in the Greater New York area and we want to share their achievements with the world!

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Nora is amazing to work with! As a state association that works with 1700 nonprofits in the New York City area, it is often difficult to hone in on what we consider our "most important" work. Nora was able to shine a light on what we do and create a cohesive and truly unique voice for NPCC. She has a clear understanding of how a nonprofits work and is able to bring her expertise to the work. She is an excellent copy-editor and is patient, to boot! I wouldn't hesitate to work with her again!
Taina Sanon
Taina S.

Project Manager

Annual Report Writing Project

I had a wonderful time working with Nonprofit Coordinating Committee of New York. The development of their 2017 annual report was a big project and it was a pleasure to be a part of it. Taina is outstanding and the rest of the leadership of NPCC are highly engaged! It was an outstanding opportunity.
Nora Zenczak-Skerrett
Nora Z.