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Crowdfunding (OLD)

Crowdfunding involves individuals pooling their money together, usually via the Internet, to support an idea or effort initiated by a person or organization. Crowdfunders can build up and nurture a community of like-minded individuals who genuinely want to see one another succeed. An online crowdfunding campaign is a turnkey way for an organization to raise money; effectively build an audience for a project, event, or cause; and keep contributors engaged in the outcome.

The process


Project steps


Estimated Time

25-35 hours

Over 1-2 months

An online crowdfunding campaign created on one of our partner platforms to build an audience and raise funds for a specific fundraising goal. At the conclusion of the campaign, the professional will conduct a wrap-up session to determine the campaign's effectiveness, define which project elements and campaign techniques were most effective, and offer advice for future projects and campaigns.