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Richard L.

Ivy, VA, USA


Richard Lord heads the project. He is a member Charlottesville Clergy Collective, Board member Charlottesville Center for Peace and Justice and manager of the Facebook group "Cville Stands Together". A life-long activist, he has been involved in the movement/resistance since the end of the Civil Rights Movement. His commitment and accomplishments are many. He was a leader in the student/antiwar movement at Boston University. He wrote one of the earliest books on non-profit management, "The Non-Profit Problem Solver" (Praeger) and has taught non-profit management at three New York City universities. For 25 years he travelled 74 non-industrialized countries to communicate, via his photography, the message of disenfranchised people to potential donors in the industrialized countries. Since the 2017 Klan rally, his attention and the majority of his time has turned to Charlottesville's struggle against white supremacy. He created and manages the Facebook Group "Cville Stands Together," which has over 1500 like-minded members and 2000+ opens per month.