Extensive Pointe Mead Learning Training and Certification as a Race/Racism Facilitator
Licensed Virginia School Counselor

As a veteran educator with over 35 years of experience including working as an Admissions/Financial Aid Counselor at Hofstra University and K-12 School Counselor at Forsyth Country Day School (FCDS), Gina Christ has the expertise to create innovative, adaptive and educationally sound programming designed to educate and empower students. Being a nontraditional learner and first-generation college student, Gina is sensitive to the evolving needs of students and is driven to support the education system that is already working at near peak capacity. While serving as a K-12 School Counselor at FCDS, Gina became a certified Olweus Bullying Prevention Trainer, created and implemented a school-wide mentoring and character education program, and orchestrated numerous student groups designed to leverage existing resources and promote community involvement. Additionally, Gina Co-created a state-wide mentoring program within the NC State Youth Council. Currently, Gina is the Co-Director of Rise Together. She trains University of Virginia students to craft and implement youth programming that supports the academic and social-emotional needs of diverse K-12 students in Albemarle County and provides educators with a professional partnership that helps them exceed initiatives outlined by AVID, the US Department of Education and the Virginia Department of Education.