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Patricia F.

Louisa, VA, USA


Ms. Patti Fountain is the human behind Pony Partners. A self-described "horse crazy" girl, her first word was horse. During her childhood she saved all of her allowance to pay for trail rides at a local stable, cleaned stalls at friends homes to get a chance to spend time with horses and delighted in visiting her aunt at her Shetland pony farm. But she had to wait until she was an adult to realize the dream of owning her own horses.

Before starting her miniature horse ranch in Louisa, VA, Ms. Patti was involved in teaching, coaching and mentoring children and adults and individuals of all ages with special needs. While living in Florida she was able to work with children with special needs and miniature horses on a limited basis. Seeing what a positive effect these interactions had on the children, she dreamed of starting her own program to offer the opportunity to children and families to benefit from interactions with horses.

In 2018 Ms. Patti completed her course in Equine Assisted Life Coaching with the Equine Assisted Coaching Association. Ms. Patti is also a former Family & Consumer Sciences Teacher (NY) and former Owner/Director of Advance Coaching & Training, Inc. a Medicaid Services Provider (NY) serving people on the TBI and NHTD Medicaid Waivers.