Cindy C.

Assistant Director of Education
Kalamazoo, MI, USA


I am a Music Therapist by education with bachelor's and master's degrees from WMU. I worked in Special Education as a music therapist for 12 years in Allegan County before coming to the KSO.
At the KSO I started with the Marvelous Music program, which currently serves 37 preschool sites in Kalamazoo County. My official title is "Assistant Director of Education" which basically means I get involved in whatever I can. Along with Marvelous Music, which is about 50% of my workload, I currently do the following on a regular basis:
* Help coordinate Youth Concerts
* Develop Sensory friendly/accessible programming options and find opportunities for staff training in accessibility/sensory needs
* Contact for our connection with the Veteran's Hospital campus in Battle Creek. Schedule musician groups to go there and assist in bringing veterans to our concerts/movie rehearsals
* I get to help narrate Musical Storybooks when needed and go pretty much anywhere else I might be useful

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