I serve the community that I was born and raised in. I see my primary mission as working with team members to build and strengthen "family capacity". That means that we support individuals in their quest to learn and use the tools they need to improve their educational, social, personal and financial outcomes. We are partners in building community prosperity and stabilization.

Leaving San Antonio at the age of eighteen to attend college in New York City. I completed my studies at Columbia University's Columbia College, the School of Law and the School of International and Public Affairs. I spent many years working in the public sector in education, in corporate law and later as a high level government official. I returned to San Antonio after 23 years and continued my career working in law and various ventures in the charter school movement. In the last 30 years I have served as a chief executive with various entities in creating service delivery infrastructures for start-up and mature organizations in the education, government, nonprofit and business sectors. I served as Vice President and Board Member of GSCS between the years 2010 and 2016 and am now privileged to serve as its CEO.