While experiencing the mules on her Grandfather's farm in Colorado as a child, Rebecca fell in love with equines. Because her family moved frequently, she was 12 before she was able to have a horse. Daily responsibilities of riding and caring for a horse provided missing stability in her family life. As a teenager in a broken home, the relationship with her horse provided a safe place to express her emotions and dreams with a nonjudgmental living being. Her horse provided comfort, strength and stability through challenging times.
Rebecca received an AA Degree from Stephens College in Columbia Missouri, attended Arizona State University, and graduated from the University of Arizona with a BFA. As an adult, her love of horses, children and all animals, remained an important part of her life. While continuing a career in the construction industry, she started volunteering at a wildlife rehabilitation center and is still involved after more than 20 years, caring for small mammals, birds and raptors. Both of her children were active in 4H and she enjoys a large variety of animals at home, each considered a part of the family.
In early 2000 she started volunteering at a therapeutic riding center for children with physical and emotional challenges. Motivated to start her own program, she took classes and training, tested, and became certified as a PATH International Therapeutic Riding Instructor, an Equine Specialist in Mental Health and Learning, and an Instructor Mentor. In 2006 she founded Mini Miracles Inc., a 501 (c) (3) Non Profit organization, to help children with various challenges, acquire skills and experiences to help them reach their greatest potential.
Starting with Apollo, a small bay miniature horse, she provided programs the first year to over 175 children in a local crisis center who had been removed from their homes by Child Protective Services. Soon Apollo was visiting at the Arizona School for the Deaf and Blind, local schools, foster care homes, juvenile detention facilities and youth on their own. Rebecca also provides summer programs for children grieving the loss of parents or siblings, and children with Autism.
She is currently developing a "reading with minis" program along with antibullying for grade school children. Mini Miracles has 4 miniature horses and 1 mini donkey which together are the heart of their program.