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Victoria H.

Managing Director
Paramus, NJ, USA


I am the Managing Director at The Arctic Institute. Previously, I was a Junior Fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, where I research and wrote on resilient city infrastructure and equity. I spent a year in Canada's north as a Fulbright Scholar working on climate change representation issues, and as a Gates Scholar at Cambridge University pursuing a PhD in Polar Studies.

My work at TAI focuses on the intersection of climate change, community sustainable development, and human rights at the top of the world. As the ice melts, the four million people who call the North Pole home face shoreline erosion, thawing permafrost, and violent storms that are not only undermining their quality of life - but in some cases are forcing them to relocate from their ancestral homes.

For a quick summary of the types of issues I work on, check out one of our latest Op-eds in The Guardian:

I am really passionate about changing the narrative of what the North Pole is for those living below the Arctic Circle from the last frontier to a homeland that is endangered by climate change. Hope you can help us change that narrative!