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Susan W.



I am a freelance writer and journalist who learned about tay-bandz through my work. I was exposed to the struggles of Taylor Matthews, a beautiful sixth-grader, and watched her grow to a beautiful sixteen year old. Taylor lost her battle with cancer, but left an indelible mark on the pediatric cancer world, her wonderful family and legions of friends.

It was inspiring to see a child so compelled to help others, so eager to make a difference. What started as a series of neighborhood fund-raisers grew to be a major force in helping sick children and their families. Money raised through the efforts of a spirited teenager has funded cancer research at several major medical institutions throughout the country.

I write regularly for the Scarsdale Inquirer, the weekly newspaper of record in Scarsdale, New York. Since 2002, I have written hundreds of news and feature article covering people, events, politics and government in the Scarsdale/Edgemont section of Westchester County.

I also have experience writing speeches and internal communications for private and public sector organizations, advertising segments and featured pieces in Barron's and the Vassar Quarterly.

I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology from Vassar College and a Master of Business Administration from Columbia University. Prior to starting my writing practice, I was a Vice President at Chase Manhattan Bank in the area of real estate investment banking.

Board and volunteer experiences have included serving as the Vice President of the Greenburgh Public Library Board of Trustees; serving as an active alumna of Vassar College on various fund-raising and policy-making boards; and teaching elementary school children in the Great Books program and Young Writers' Workshop.

Tay-bandz was founded on the idea that individuals can make a difference and the foundation is guided by that today. I agree with this principle wholeheartedly and cannot think of a cause more important than children's health.