In 2013 I was asked by a friend to start up a grief center that his hospice house was going to start and decided not to. My background is commercial photography, (ART degree with minor in Marketing from Western Michigan University) and also I've been doing therapeutic massage and bodywork for the past 30 years as well. I have no experience running a non profit but my passion and life experience has helped steer my course. I fall short in many of my self imposed goals and expectations and I'd like to be better at my Executive Director role. I have wonderful qualities in many areas but as you all know, you can't be great at everything. That being said, I think the skills I'm lacking are ones that I would be able to learn which is great, because some of the more dynamic, intuitive, creative skills which I do have, are not easily learned. So I'm hopeful and I have a work ethic and passion that so far have proved to allow our little nonprofit to become what it is and to provide our mission to children who grieve.



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