Professional Experience

Digital Communications and Marketing Strategist, Culture For Causes Network

April, 2020 - Current

2020 focused on a Covid-19 centered set of hashtags, including an overall theme of "Togetherness."
The hashtags were: #HeroesMW, #CultureinQuarantineMW, #TogetherMW, #MuseumMomentsMW, #ClimateMW, #TechnologyMW, #DreamsMW

Content Manager for USA & Canada, Culture For Causes Network

April, 2018 - Current

We run #MuseumWeek which is a global movement to highlight culture. Over the course of seven days, museums across the world share content using various hashtags. I work exclusively with #MusuemWeek.

2018: #womenMW, #cityMW, #heritageMW, #professionsMW, #kidsMW, #natureMW, and #differenceMW.

  • Writes content to be distributed on global channels
  • Engages with museums in the USA and Canada
  • Shares content from USA and Canada channels
  • Schedules content to reach English speaking markets for USA and Canada
  • Collaborates with worldwide partners to share content in a timely matter
  • Researches people throughout history to create videos to inspire audiences about individual contributions to art and culture
  • Creates and animates videos for distribution on all social channels with accompanying text copy
Social Media Consultant, Diversity Educator, Freelance Photographer, & Designer, Self-Employed

March, 2013 - Current

• Works with social media clients to identify KPIs for their organization while working to create a social media marketing plan to achieve their goals
• Trains client workforce to create a schedule for social media and educates users on best practices for different social platforms
• Works with organizations to establish inclusive, empathetic practices
• Initiates conversations about diversity and inclusion within workplaces and communities
• Accepts assignments to photograph locations and events, compose portraits, and edit
• Creates graphics for companies, non-profits, and individuals
• Performs UX analysis for companies using user tests, heuristic evaluation, and theory

Digital Communications Specialist, Public Advocates

June, 2018 - January, 2021

  • Managed all project social media channels ensuring the social media tactics and strategies aligned with the project's larger communication and advocacy goals
  • Developed and executed strategies to significantly grow the project's social media following and email list, employing the tracking and analysis of metrics with focus on increasing engagement, growing the target audience(s), and inspiring action
  • Developed text-based content for all of the project's social media channels, managed content on and coordinates technical updates to the WordPress website, and published regular e-blast news brief--in proactive consultation with the Project Director, program staff, and external project partners
  • Created compelling rapid-response and evergreen graphic and multi-media content
  • Coordinated integrated rapid response postings for breaking news including post-re-cap, response to the website, amplification with social media, and sometimes boosting posts with ad purchases
  • Kept abreast of news on adverse actions/decisions to feature and amplified local voices impacted by these actions/decisions through social media channels
  • Created, managed, and promoted online petitions and other actions
  • Consistently monitored social media posts of targeted affordable housing groups and other allies
  • Provided ongoing communications support including development and execution of media plans and campaigns, posting of content and updating of Public Advocate's website, posting on Public Advocate's social media content, and assisting with press list and press release functions
  • Supported implementation of the organization's diversity vision, goals, and needs within the team, including recruitment, development, and success of diverse staff
  • Supported development projects for the organization's development goals
  • Coordinated with organizational partners for communication work
  • Developed website creation and planning
  • Proudly co-chaired the Diversity Committee
Global Social Media Newsroom Coordinator, Culture For Causes Network

April, 2019 - April, 2020

2019: #WomenInCulture, #SecretsMW, #playMW, #rainbowMW, #exploreMW, #photoMW, and #friendsMW.

• Managed an entire global social media newsroom with over 15 people across many time zones. • • • Created content and copy to share.
• Facilitated multiple language translations.
• Wrote, edited, produced videos for global distribution.

Instructor, Michigan State University

August, 2018 - May, 2019

• Revitalized course content to create inclusive learning experiences
• Incorporated diverse examples of media to create a more representative learning atmosphere
• Created assignments, grades student projects, and writing, and developed final projects for 20 students that encouraged creative and critical thinking
• Encouraged students to become detail-oriented critiquers of media content and creation
• Taught students how to animate and composite special effects for media
• Critiqued student media work during lab and provided critical, thorough feedback

Digital Media Coordinator, Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum at Michigan State University

February, 2018 - June, 2018

• Managed social media (publishing, listening, and engagement) for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,
YouTube, and MailChimp
• Introduced strategies to increase communications objectives while staying aware of industry trends
• Used Google Analytics, HootSuite, and social media native analytics to produce weekly reports and campaign reports for senior leadership
• Managed an editorial calendar and schedules posts
• Produced and implemented a strategy for search engine marketing, including paid search advertising and search engine optimization
• Created content and copywriting, while maintaining a consistent museum voice
• Introduced solutions engaging with target audiences through digital marketing
• Consulted with web designers and IT as a technical liaison for website operations
• Performed maintenance on the website and uploaded content through Drupal interface

Sole Instructor for MI 337 - Compositing and Special Effects, Michigan State University

January, 2017 - December, 2017

• Created assignments, grade student projects and writing, and develop final projects for 20 students that encourage creative and critical thinking
• Encouraged students to become detail-oriented critiquers of media content and creation
• Taught students how to animate and composite special effects for media
• Critiqued student media work during lab and provided critical, thorough feedback

Miss Media Instructor and Camp Consultant, Michigan State University

April, 2016 - June, 2017

• Instructed campers on how to use hardware and software for projects involving audio recordings and video game design
• Lead girls through critical discussions and conversations around their projects
• Discussed women in STEM and gender issues with participants
• Collaborated with international instructors in order to provide a curriculum that is educational and engaging
• Converged after camps in order to prepare for future camps

Online Community and Social Media Consultant, Michigan State University

October, 2015 - June, 2017

• Provide a perspective based in theory on interactivity for users of online communities
• Suggest changes for the online community based on UX Design best practices
• Review proposals and edits for online communities
• Advise project leader on best course of action for content based on user engagement

Content Marketing/Social Strategy Intern, TechSmith Corporation

November, 2016 - April, 2017

• Drafted, edited, and proofread copy and content for TechSmith marketing and sales initiatives such as customer stories, About TSC content, white papers, etc., collaborated with stakeholders for feedback and approval
• Worked with TechSmith brand guidelines to ensure all content used a consistent tone and voice
• Actively participated in content marketing and social strategy brainstorming meetings
• Created and edited web pages using a Content Management System
• Monitored social media channels and responded/coordinated responses
• Wrote blog and microblog content
• Queued up items for publishing on social media platforms
• Researched, created, and maintained lists of contacts and hashtags
• Researched keyword terms for SEO optimization across TechSmith’s digital properties
• Researched topics relevant to TSC thought leadership, PR and marketing strategies as assigned

Graphic Designer, UX Specialist, The Facility for Rare Isotope Beams (FRIB)

February, 2016 - January, 2017

• Drew components of FRIB for physicists and engineers
• Designed ADA complient screens that will be used throughout FRIB and by its clients
• Provided usability information to ensure operators can navigate screens easily
• Surveyed users of control screens in order to implement improvements
• Adhered to international standards and discuss changes during international meetings

English Tutor, Davenport University

September, 2015 - April, 2016

• Assisted students in adhering to APA Standards
• Helped students revise writing for clarity

Consultant, Information Technology Empowerment Center

March, 2014 - September, 2015

Lead Instructor for ITEC

• Lead and assisted in many ITEC classes including: Digital Media class in which students create, film, and edit their own short films; Game Design where students learn about game mechanics and building strategies while designing levels; Scratch, a class in which students work with software designed by MIT to create their own visions such as stories, collages, and more; 2020 Girls, where girls spend their time learning about STEM practices and careers while exploring technology.
• Troubleshot technology so that instructors can continue to work with students.
• Member of the Program Committee to aid ITEC in its educational goals, while continuing to redefine an effective way to educate and evaluate students.

Substitute Teacher, PESG, LLC

March, 2013 - June, 2015

• Filled in for teachers in Lansing School District when they are unavailable
• Fulfilled long-term substitute assignments in which lesson plans are prepared
• Managed and monitored student behavior and progress

Technology & Community Outreach Specialist and Center for Service Learning and Civic Engagement Cons, America Reads*America Counts

June, 2013 - May, 2015

I worked with Willow School to reach out to parents and the surrounding community to increase volunteerism within the school. Additionally, I worked with the technology in the school in order to make sure it was being utilized most effectively, while training staff on how to use the technology that had been installed.

• Implemented technology for teachers, staff, and students in the school
• Managed and facilitated immediate interactions via social media
• Presented new technology and community partnerships to the school

Production Director, Impact 89FM

May, 2014 - September, 2014

• Wrote and created public service announcements, legal tags, promotions, bumpers, and intros and outros for specialty shows for the radio station
• Collaborated with the production team to brainstorm and create quality content to distribute on air
• Edited and finalized content to be shared with the public
• Maintained records of projects and meeting notes for the production team
• Completed swear edits

Audio Engineer, Impact 89FM

January, 2014 - June, 2014

I engineered for the show Sit or Spin on Impact 89FM on Sunday nights from 8:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.

• Checked and consistently monitor microphones and audio levels being broadcasted
• Facilitated the transitions between music, intros, outros, and host and guest talking
• Spoke on air about musical selections

Assistant Production Director, Impact 89FM

February, 2014 - May, 2014

• Assisted in maintaining records of projects and meeting notes for the production team
• Wrote and created public service announcements, promotions, bumpers, and intros for the radio station
• Collaborated with the director and other production team members on new ideas for the team to complete in order to put more quality content on air

Head Tutor, Liaison, and Consultant, America Reads*America Counts

June, 2012 - May, 2013

Head Tutor and Liaison for Michigan State University and Willow Elementary and Center for Service Learning and Civic Engagement Consultant for Tutoring in Lansing Public Schools.

I continued to do what was done at Bingham, while integrating technology and social media into the school. I additionally aided with event planning and coordination.

I also consulted with the Center for Service Learning and Civic Engagement to help improve the service experience for those that volunteer through Michigan State University.

•Coordinated schedules of employees and volunteers with the school’s schedule
•Constructed a guidebook on expectations for volunteers in the building
•Created an online orientation of school rules for volunteer to complete
•Initiated and maintained the social media used by the school
•Tutored students and assisted teachers

Studio Assistant, Michigan State University

January, 2012 - December, 2012

I assisted Michigan State University students with troubleshooting and their questions regarding ProTools and the equipment in the studios.

• Aided by troubleshooting problems with microphones and ProTools
• Assisted students in scheduling and checking out equipment
• Answered audio related questions relating to the audio classes

Head Tutor and Liaison for Michigan State University and Bingham School, America Reads*America Counts

June, 2011 - June, 2012

I coordinated the schedules of the tutors employed by America Reads/America Counts to work with the school along with scheduling Michigan State University's Center for Service Learning and Civic Engagement students. I also tutored students and assisted the teachers.

• Coordinated schedule of employees and volunteers with the school’s schedule
• Designed a memory book for every student in the school to receive free of charge for the closing of the school
• Implemented a change to digital records to increase efficiency and reduce paper waste
• Planned an end of the year, closing carnival for the community
• Tutored students and assisted teachers

America Reads Tutor, America Reads*America Counts

September, 2009 - June, 2011

I went to an elementary school and helped teachers by tutoring children.

• Assisted students in a kindergarten classroom
• Aided in the tutoring and running of an after-school program for grades K-5
• Planned a creative writing and math program for fourth and fifth graders to make
learning after-school engaging and exciting
• Orchestrated the distribution of weekend survival kits for families in the school