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Rohan S.

Austin, TX, USA
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Digital Marketing Strategist, Big and Mini

May, 2020 - Current

Big & Mini is creating something truly amazing - a platform designed to reduce senior and youth isolation while providing mentorship, mutual friendship and a meaningful connection! My work at Big & Mini helps me marry both my passions in the areas of technology & digital marketing and in the areas of service & leveraging technology to benefit society.

I manage the digital marketing strategy for the organization, developing content for the various social media platforms that Big & Mini leverages and using growth hacking to increase reach & web traffic and contribute to the ultimate goal of the company - to help more people easily develop connections across generations and allow for virtual volunteering.

Digital Marketing Specialist, T2L Academy

April, 2020 - Current

T2L Academy is a non-profit initiative creating a free online learning hub for life-long learners to get together and teach to learn & grow.

I help T2L Academy maintain their digital presence and reach with a mission of moving T2L Academy from a 1:many learning channel to a many:many learning hub.

Marketing Advisor, Tutoria, Inc.

March, 2020 - March, 2020

Advised a team of individuals making the U.S. citizenship progress easier on how they can leverage digital marketing.

Social Media Marketing Consultant and Web Developer, Upwork

March, 2020 - Current

Freelance consulting helping clients with website development, content creation & social media marketing strategy and execution.