Tristan T.

Water Quality & Technical Programs Director
Auburn, ME, USA


Tristan Taber is a biologist and landscape architect whose work has greatly focused on water resources. He has performed work and research in ecology, restoration activities, bio-geomorphic processes, statistics, and stakeholder outreach.
Currently the Training and Technical Outreach Coordinator for Lake Stewards of Maine, Tristan also works with the Maine DEP and volunteers with the Maine Audubon on the issue of landscape connectivity. Recently his work has also heavily involved data visualization, scripting, and toxin analysis. Formerly, Tristan worked with the Casco Bay Estuary Partnership, Maine DEP, at the University of Southern Maine and Maine Maritime Academy, and in several state school systems.
Tristan also has an independent consulting service which has performed a range of ecological and design activities ranging from retention wall installation for landscape stability to video editing to visual arts.

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