I am passionate about education, the advancement of children, family, and the community; it makes sense that she works with children and like-minded people who understand the importance of fulfilling these purposes. I am the Executive Director of ConnectiKids and serves on its board of directors. Before being named Executive Director, I was ConnectiKids' Director of Programs and was responsible for its educational programming, partnerships, and community relations. I embrace the approach of ensuring that school-age children are introduced to new people, places, and experiences through a one-on-one mentoring model and educate, enrich, and empower children to advocate for themselves and become lifelong learners.

I have worked with ConnectiKids for the past eleven years. My background includes 19 years of educational experience with children through various programs, including Executive Directorship of my nonprofit in Manchester, CT. I served as the Chairperson of the Early Head Policy Council in Manchester. I am currently an active member of the Governor's Prevention Partnership's Mentoring Network and serves as a board member. I serve on both West Middle Community and Michael D. Fox Elementary School Governance Council (SGC) and is the vice president of the Lutz Children Museum Board of Trustees.

I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in communications with a concentration in public relations from the University of Hartford, certifications in nonprofit management, fundraising, and event and wedding planning. I received my Master of Education with a focus in Educational Leadership from the American College of Education. I am a recipient of the 100 Women of Color Award. I am committed to the advancement of all children. I plan to continue providing children and young people with high-quality educational opportunities by using research-based techniques and pedagogies that provide every child with equitable possibilities.