Susan Omilian is an attorney, author and motivational speaker who has helped hundreds of women over the last forty years reclaim their lives after abuse. With the death of her niece Maggie killed by her ex-boyfriend in 1999, Susan vowed to help others take the journey from victim to survivor to "thriver" as Maggie could not. As the originator and facilitator of My Avenging Angel Workshops, based on the idea that "living well is the best revenge," Susan has helped hundreds of women who have experienced domestic violence and sexual assault find hope, healing and empowerment. A nationally recognized expert on the process of recovery after abuse, she is the author of the "Thriver Zone" trilogy of books which contain the seven-step motivational model she has successfully used in her workshops and follow-up mentoring programs. She is also the Project Director of the Never Going Back to Abuse Project for the Connecticut Alliance for Victims of Violence and Their Families, Inc. (CT-ALIVE), a non-profit organization that supports Susan's work so that it is available free of charge to women who have experienced abuse.

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