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Gail W.

Executive Director
Ypsilanti, MI, USA


As an educator for over 38 years in both public and private schools, in the classroom, and in administration, Director Gail Wolkoff has been working with school discipline policies and their disproportionate impact on minority students from lower income families. These students may identify lesbian, gay, or transgender. They may have learning differences. They are usually reading well below grade level.

After seeing the disparities in programming for children in Ann Arbor and children in Ypsilanti, she felt impelled to use her years of experience as a teacher/administrator to begin an after-school program for at risk teens in Ypsilanti. She has pulled together a cohort of volunteers and social work students who are dedicated to making a change in the community.

In 2011 Gail Wolkoff saw a need in the Ypsilanti community for an after-school program for high school students as the local graduation rate continued to hover around 60%. She started the the after school program that became, in 2017, "Educate Youth 501c3"" with a working Board of Directors (see list) and more emphasis on sustainability. The Board has begun looking at ways of expanding the program to serve more youth over the next two years.
Gail has been a HIV educator since 1990. In 2012, Prevent and Prevail a comprehensive sex education programs was developed by teens for teens.