Leslie L.

Executive Director
Richmond, VA, USA


Leslie Protzman Lytle, MS, LCCE, RPYT, ERYT500, is a mother, wife, yoga teacher, and reproductive justice advocate who thrives on connecting people with resources and facilitating change. Founder and Executive Director of Nurture, Leslie also coordinates #RVAbreastfeeds, the breastfeeding coalition under Nurture's umbrella. She currently serves on the steering committee of an emerging collective impact project in Richmond focused on reducing maternal and infant health disparities.

Fascinated by the intersection of biology and culture that is ever present in birth and early parenting, Leslie holds a master's degree in Sociology, and is a graduate of the Emerging Nonprofit Leaders Program. She is the 2016 recipient of the Pat Asch Fellowship for Social Justice, and a 2018 Community Trustbuilding Fellow.

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