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Mimi N.

Founding Director
Chattanooga, TN, USA


Carolyn (Mimi) Nikkel was born in Birmingham, AL April 2, 1958. She studied computer science at University of Alabama at Birmingham minoring in English. Mimi is a thriving survivor of childhood sexual abuse and trafficking. She gratefully continues to pursue her recovery from addiction/alcoholism, PTSD and sexual trauma, which began at age 10. Mimi moved to Chattanooga in 2004 as a high level volunteer with Prison Fellowship and Angel Tree Coordinator. She started Love Your Neighbor Ministries in 2005 (now Love's Arm) while teaching weekly classes with women incarcerated at the local detention center. She is a gifted speaker with a passion for restorative justice and redemptive grace in the lives of the marginalized and loves community building collaborations. She works in collaboration with Hamilton County Mental Health Court Sexual Trauma Tract and City of Chattanooga's Mayor's Council for Women on the Justice Committee's Prostitution and Sex Trafficking Subcommittee proposing policy changes to assist victims of sexual abuse, trafficking and addiction in transitioning to restorative services as opposed to the revolving door of incarceration. Mimi entered into her first marriage at 53 with Steve Nikkel in 2011. She received the "gift of family" through her marriage in 2 amazing sons, Jordan and Joshua, and their wives Mary and Tori. She is now the grandmother of 3 beautiful girls Aurora, Sophia and Evie.