Fatima L.

Environmental and natural resource economist
Tucson, AZ, USA


FATIMA LUNA was born and raised in a rural town in southern Zacatecas, Mexico. She received a B.A. in Environmental Economics and Policy from the University of California Berkeley and an M.S. in Agriculture Resource Economics from the University of Arizona. Fatima has experience working with small farm enterprises in Nicaragua and southern Mexico. Since 2013, Fatima has been working at the Sonoran Institute for the Colorado River Delta Program. As the Environmental and Natural Resource Economist, her role in the program is to analyze and evaluate the economic, environmental, social, and cultural impacts of restoration efforts in the Colorado River Delta.

Fatima lives in South Tucson, where she is an active member of her community. She is an advocate for human rights, especially for disenfranchised people including people of color, the LGBTQ community, women and immigrants. In her free time, Fatima enjoys weight lifting, gardening, and playing Son Jarocho. She and her husband are currently raising three children.

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