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Louisdon P.

President and Co-Founder
Suffern, NY, USA


I am a pediatric intensive care specialist with more than 10 years of experience. I have successfully developed a state of the art intensive care unit and services in a large underserved area of north Brooklyn NY. Those years were also abundant with pediatric missions to Haiti, Nepal and Kenya. I have recently headed the establishment of a pediatric/neonatal intensive care unit at the Adventist Hospital in Port-au-Prince in 2010.

I am a founding member and president of PULSE, cherishing a personal ambition to see that other developing countries with limited recourses benefit from sustainable pediatric intensive care services to aid critically ill children.

On any given day, thousands of children who are the most vulnerable in society die because they lack access to simple things like clean water, hygiene and medical care, while abundant life-saving resources are an ocean away. The ravages of earthquakes, floods and hurricanes are mere reminders that we have not yet succeeded to provide for and preserve our humankind. I am saddened by the enormous inequalities that play a role in the death of a newborn that merely needs a warm blanket in the hands of a receiver to stimulate his first breaths, while in another world away an infant survives with the help of highly sophisticated machines. Through continuous medical education and adaptation of assistive technology we will provide cost efficient methods that remove the barriers to health care delivery.

Like you, the volunteer staff of PULSE believes that all children deserve a fair chance at a bright future. I invite you to join this effort by giving your time, sharing your talent and donating your resources towards enriching the lives of children. The welfare of less fortunate children shall remain at the center of PULSE’s universe.

“bridging the gap. building futures.”