Michael Martinez has been the executive director of Live Theatre Workshop since
2011. Previously, he served as the director of education as well as a teaching artist and
performer. He has been working with Live Theatre Workshop since 2001. Michael has
created and composed music for several original musicals for young audiences including
Fridita y el Princel Magico, Mi Nana y Quetzalcoatal la Serpiente Emplumad, El Dia De Los
Muertos The Musical, and Oso Fuerte. He also teaches musical theatre classes as well as
creating and teaching musical theatre programming for Tucson-area schools. Before Live
Theatre Workshop, he was a musical theatre director at TUSD's Fine Arts Youth
Academy and director of contemporary music at First United Methodist Church. He
also spent three years working as a teaching artist with TUSD's OMA project. Michael
received his Bachelor's degree in music from the University of Arizona where he
focused on vocal performance and composition. During his time at the University of
Arizona he traveled and researched extensively in Mexico and Spain which had a
tremendous influence on his composition and writing. In spring 2013, Michael
completed his Master of Public Administration degree at the University of Arizona. His
MPA degree focused on nonprofit management and program evaluation, and his
research on measuring the impact of arts was presented at the National Evaluation
Association 2012 conference. He has volunteered and served on the advisory board
with Stories That Soar! working to develop organization and program evaluation
methods as well as composing music for school performances.

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