ANNE BURNS received her BA in Political Science and MA in City and Regional Planning from Rutgers University in NJ. She ran two successful long term businesses--one for 11 years and one for 17 years. Ms. Burns served as a Human Rights Observer and Delegate at conferences organized by Conscience International throughout the Middle East and northern Africa. In 2013, Ms. Burns developed a program entitled "Women, War and the Military" at Rutgers University that facilitated dialogues in schools and community groups regarding women veterans and the psychological damage war has made on women in war-torn areas of the world. She also initiated a collaborative intern project between
Rutgers University and the East Orange Veterans Hospital in East Orange, New Jersey. She also collaborated with former Senator Frank Lautenberg's office on the Veterans History Project.

Ms. Burns is currently the founder and Executive Director of Vets Chat Inc., a 501-c-3 non-profit organization. The non-profit status was obtained in February 2015. The mission is to improve the mental and physical health of veterans, active military and their families through better nutrition, new networking opportunities and community building among those with similar experiences.

The Vets Chat and Chew Program, under the umbrella of Vets Chat Inc., was originally created by Ms. Burns to improve the nutrition and health of female veterans. It had such a tremendous impact on the lives of female veterans that many male veterans and their spouses asked to participate in a program. Men and family members are now an integral part of the programs.

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