As Area Director for Team Management 2000 Nasheedah is responsible for all areas of operational and programmatic performance for the Atlanta Area.

Prior to arriving at Team Management 2000 Nasheedah has served in a variety of positions throughout the nonprofit Health and Human services Space. These previous jobs include managing Clinical Operations for an FQHC in California, leading an organization intended to end LGBTQ youth homelessness, and overseeing programs and fundraising at one of the San Francisco Bay Area's oldest AIDS Services Organizations.

Nasheedah is an accomplished fundraiser, grant writer, program developer and change manager. Her sweet spot in in small and emerging nonprofits that need to build out internal control, policy infrastructure and fiscal capacity.

Nasheedah lives in Atlanta Georgia with her partner and her aging mother whom she strives to take care of as well as she was taken care of as a child. The causes that Nasheedah is passionate about include LGBTQ Youth, Homelessness and House, Transgender rights and safety, HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment and cure research, social and economic justice, and Black Lives.



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