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Valerie C.

Executive Director
Los Altos, CA, USA


Originally joined the ministry in 2013 as a Program Manager to launch its outreach too often forgotten teens living in group home residences through our Supper Club program. She steered its considerable growth with care and professionalism, developing key relationships with agencies and volunteers concurrently. In 2015 she joined the full-time staff as Help One Child's Director of Operations, overseeing the ministry's more than 20 programs and events with an eye to expansion or collaboration where the need and opportunity arose. In 2017, she established Help One Child as the Regional Manager of CarePortal, a technology platform that enables our ministry to oversee the direct connection of social service agencies to churches willing to meet critical needs. As slated to do so in the organization's strategic plan, Valerie stepped up to lead the ministry in 2018. She and her husband are foster parents, showing great compassion for children and youth in need of short and long term care as well as a shared commitment with the families in our network.