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Jasmine A.

Marketing and Graphic Design Professional
Oviedo, FL, USA
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Lead Marketing Director, Mr. Checkout Distributors

December, 2018 - Current

Lead Marketing Director at Mr.Checkout Distributors, an award winning distribution network for independent retailers. Responsible for targeting existing and new market channels, implementation of service and product development programs, filming and broadcasting Retail Summit video courses, editing and broadcasting Retail Summit Podcast, providing day to day support to content creation team, client communication, and creative ideation.

  • Responsible for the growing 12+ associations needing marketing leadership
  • Maintain and updated the Mr.Checkout and 8 Association websites utilizing Wordpress
  • Create digital content through Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign
  • Create and implement SEO/SEM strategies
  • Prepare and distribute project updates, competitor/resource analysis, and trends reports
  • Provide data through excel spreadsheets
  • Update and create content for Mr.Checkout and related association social media accounts as well as developed strategies for audience growth.
  • Create valuable resources for newsletter subscribers, members, and associations
  • Create and manage email marketing campaigns
Marketing Director, Soulcade Interactive LLC

December, 2018 - Current

Marketing Director for Soulcade Interactive, an independent video game studio focused on creating games with expression and innovation at its forefront.
My responsibilities are to facilitate the online audience and sales growth of Soulcade Interactive LLC along with their current game projects.

  • Strategize and execute on brand marketing
  • A/B testing and KPI reporting
  • Develop and enforce digital marketing tactics for social media and influencer programs
  • Plan community/social roadmaps
  • Manage social media accounts
  • Strategize and execute on PR initiatives through multi-media channels (audio, video, and written) to drive traffic back to Soulcade Interactive and current game projects
  • Create content using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign
  • Write content for the Soulcade Interactive website and social media channels
  • Grow email lists and expand upon email marketing
  • Create streaming and video content for visual channels (Twitch and Youtube)
  • Attend and manage events endorsing Soulcade Interactive and promoting current game projects
  • Update and manage Soulcade Interactive website utilizing wordpress
  • Create and implement SEO/SEM strategies
  • Run trend and competitor analysis
  • Create and implement ads to boost sales and draw target customers to current products
Marketing Director, Event Manager, Photographer, Sweet Utopian Mylk Bar

December, 2017 - November, 2018

Sweet Utopian Mylk Bar is Orlando's leading provider of diverse vegan almond 'Mylks' and was formulated on the backbone of its sweet vegan treats. My responsibilities were to create and implement brand building strategies, run and create content for social media channels, drive B2C events forward, execute on PR efforts, generate lasting ideas, photograph for content along with advertisements, and manage active sales channels.

  • Lead boots to the ground events across the state of Florida in order to gain sales and customer loyalty for SweetUtopian Mylk.
  • Implemented new sales funnels and growth strategies to increase customer purchasing.
  • Ran PR initiatives to promote SweetUtopian through audio, video, and written media channels
  • Was responsible for all social media networks regarding SweetUtopian along with formulating and executing new digital strategies.
  • Photographed models and vegan milks for advertisements and social media content.
  • Worked with Adobe Photoshop to edit created content.
  • Wrote and published content through multi-media forms.
  • Strategized and implemented brand marketing in order to increase value
Shift Supervisor and Key Holder, Tropical Smoothie Cafe

September, 2017 - May, 2018

Shift Supervisor focusing on day to day store operations, sales, and customer acquisition stratgies. My responsibilities were to lead my team through daily tasks, put up advertisements, handle back end functions including inventory management along with product purchasing, and endorsing the Tropical Smoothie brand.

  • Ran inventory checks and made sure our store branch was up to code to prevent any negative reflection in audits.
  • Ordered new and existing products to keep steady food or supplies consistent within the store
  • Executed team leadership strategies to keep a cohesive functioning system
  • Organized and produced catering for local businesses
  • Assisted in merchandising strategies and any changes in cafe design
  • Created ideas for PR initiatives and customer acquisition strategies
Personal Shopper and Sales Specialist, Deborah Kents

February, 2017 - August, 2017

Deborah Kents is a luxury brand boutique that has been in operation for over thirty years and has also built a big reputation within the Florida fashion community. My responsibilities were to encourage sales, build on customer loyalty, brand endorsement, assist in PR initiatives, participate in luxury brand purchases, and create new ideas that would push Deborah Kents forward into the near future.

  • Worked with the team to create ideas that would fuel customer acquisition initiatives
  • Directed sales towards attending clientele
  • Worked with new and emerging brands to expand store inventory
  • Assisted in luxury product ordering and catering to clientele
  • Worked closely with team leaders in order to understand store operations
  • Assisted in inventory management
Digital Marketing Intern, Hannahs Shoebox

February, 2017 - August, 2017

Hannah's Shoebox is a retail provider of cute and trendy shoes for tweens with unique shoe sizes. My responsibilities were to run all social media accounts associated with Hannah's Shoebox, develop and execute on new digital strategies, update the Hannah's Shoebox website, facilitate product sales, implement PR initiatives utilizing local news channels and events, and attend events as a representative of Hannah's Shoebox.

  • Assisted with the creation of leading sales funnels to promote book purchases.
  • Created digital strategies to influence social media audience growth
  • Attended events
  • Developed PR initiatives in order to promote Hannah's Shoebox through news outlets, youtube, and written blogs
  • Studied data and analytics in order to determine marketing strategy growth or correction
  • Developed and ran google ads to promote shoe sales and drive traffic back to the website
  • Worked with the marketing team to enhance brand strategies
  • Idea creation for product promotion and influencer branding
  • Created content for the Hannah's Shoebox social media pages
Learning and Development Intern, Suncoast Credit Union

May, 2015 - August, 2015

Learning and Development intern for Suncoast Credit Union, the largest credit union in the state of Florida. I worked at the company headquarters during their internship program in order to learn how to get a career foothold in marketing and branding.

  • Attended various member related and fundraising events for local initiatives.
  • Utilized MadCap Flare in order to provide the employees updates on events.
  • Attended meetings to brainstorm creative problem solving strategies.
  • Attended learning courses teaching insight on employee and member communication
  • Learned about brand marketing and how to implement it within a corporate setting
  • Created content to be distributed throughout varying divisions within the company