Colin D.

Abingdon, MD, USA


Mr Dunn has worked in Fire and EMS as a Firefighter/Paramedic for fifteen years and is a recently retired US Army officer. He has served US rural and urban environments, and overseas with the US Armed Forces. His extensive deployments include Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Africa. Fire departments Mr Dunn has served on include Grand Forks Air Force Base Fire Department, ND, Montgomery Co. Fire in MD, Ganci Fire Dept, Kyrgyzstan, and Scott AFB Fire-Rescue, IL. Mr Dunn helped set up and run the first treatment facility at FOB Salerno in Khowst, Afghanistan, and has experience treating patients during a small outbreak of hemorrhagic fever in Africa. During his medical career Colin served not only as a FF/Paramedic, but also as a specialist in cultural affairs. Mr Dunn has a long history of working successfully with diverse populations to achieve significant goals. Mr Dunn is a hazardous materials technician and has extensive experience leading teams in remote and dangerous environments, with limited support.

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