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Johnnie T.

Volunteer Manager
Detroit, MI, USA


Born in Detroit and raised around the Metro Detroit area, Johnnie became involved in MOSES in late 2007. He started volunteering in the MOSES office, and became more deeply engaged around the Get Out The Vote effort in 2008, leading other young people in door-knocking and voter registration efforts. In 2012, Johnnie joined the MOSES staff as a GOTV intern after high school. He stepped up to run the entire campaign, contacting over 25,000 voters in Michigan. Johnnie wears many hats in MOSES, primarily organizing on Detroit’s east side in City Council Districts 2 &3 ; leading civic engagement activities within in MOSES; building clergy coalitions across the city to build stronger African American clergy leadership; and working in partnership with the director of MOSES on staff development. Together with other young people from Detroit and its surrounding cities, Johnnie founded the MOSES youth organizing project, Crossing Boundaries, Building Bridges (CB3).