Virginia P.

Volunteer Manager


Virginia Price is co-founder of International Mutual Aid. Virginia studied at Stanford on an International Relations/Premed track and has traveled and has done medical/rescue work extensively in the developing world and remote locations such as Melanesia, Antarctica, and the Mexican highlands. Ms. Price works as a Firefighter/Paramedic/Hazmat Technician in Maine and serves as Vice President of a Maine SAR nonprofit. Ms Price spent a year in Antarctica providing airfield fire/hazmat protection and medical support for McMurdo station and the continent-wide Joint Antarctic Search and Rescue Team. She provided disaster relief following the2011 Christchurch NZ earthquake, Hurricane Ike, and the Vilonia, AR EF4 tornado .She has worked with street children in Vladivostok. Russia. Ms. Price has been heavily involved in planning and logistics for complex technical rescues, expeditions, and ocean voyages to remote locations.

In 2014, Ms Price and Mr Dunn worked together as part of the core team of an NSS/Explorers Club Flag Expedition in the remote Sierra Mazateca Cloud Forest of Mexico, providing cave rescue/medical resources for a team of cavers exploring the deepest cave system in the Western Hemisphere. There, they spent free time improving relations with local communities and assisting villagers with basic medical treatment. While returning from Mexico, Mr. Dunn and Ms. Price were caught in the EF4 tornado in AR, and worked together to provide immediate scene stabilization and emergent medical care in Mayflower, followed by assisting in USAR operations in Vilonia.

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