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Lori D.

Executive Director
San Rafael, CA, USA


After fifteen fulfilling years in interior design, Lori developed a burning desire to make a long-term social and environmental difference in her community and beyond. She attended the University of California, Berkeley. She received a B.S in Agrobiodiversity and Cultural Food Systems, graduating with scientific honors. Lori and her son Cameron Davis started raising money to donate solar ovens in Central America and Mexico. Her first goal was to make sure the people they worked with had access to healthy food to put into their solar ovens. After several trips south of the border, she realized people in her own Marin County community were also in need.

Lori has taught urban farming, seed-to-table cooking, as well as nutrition education and cooking classes at many Marin schools, following USDA "My Plate" guidelines. Her programs have been very successful, whether in school classrooms or school gardens. Lori also fulfilled a three-year grant as the Wellness Coordinator for the Marin County Office of Education. Recently Lori recently wrote a bill for the state of California asking for 10 cents extra per child per school meal that can only be spent on local fruits and vegetables. The bill has currently passed all three committees and is looking promising that it will pass and be implemented. Her policy work also includes three years as the Co-Chair of the Marin Food Policy Council and helping two school districts rewrite their wellness plans.