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Wayne O E.

Web Designer/Consultanf/Owner
Tucson, AZ, USA
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Web Designer, Wayne O Evans Consulting Wayne's Web Design

February, 2016 - Current

Nonprofit website design is my specialty. I have learned and use the methods other charities found effective in informing their visitors and raising funds.

I recommend a simple approach to your website:
Welcome your site visitors
Inform visitors of your services
Illustrate your story with many pictures
Tell your story using simple words (8th-grade level)
* Invite visitors to become donors and volunteers.

OS/400 Security Consulting & Web Design --, Wayne O Evans Consulting -- 0S/400 and PC

August, 1991 - Current

I enjoy working on projects in retirement

Brand development, web site traffic growth, web site
Strategic Consulting, including business plan & sales (doner outreach) strategy development.

Owner/Consultant, Wayne O Evans Consultig

January, 1991 - January, 2005

OS/400 Security Consulting
Security Reviews
Security/Disaster Plans

Retired IBM & OS/400 Consultant == "Guru of OS/400 Security", Multiple OS/400 clients

January, 1991 - Current

Retired but active.
* Rise early to get on computer. My computer us my contact with professional friends
* Since 2015, I have started 3 charitable web sites
----- www.MVHS-Adams,com ---- Scholarships to Adams State University for Monte Vista Graduates
www, --- Scholarships Monte Vista Graduates (any school) ---- Computers for kids Faith Baptist Academy
* Active in Home-owner associatrion

Go swimming or to a meeting

not degree oriented, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

January, 1975 - January, 1978

Computer Science

Senior Programmer / System Architect, IBM Smarter Workforce

March, 1964 - December, 1990

After graduation from college (1964), I spent 27 wonderful years working for IBM . My most significant achievement was design and implementation of OS/400.
I designed Control Language ( CL), Prompter, Work Management, Messages,, and Security.

I enjoyed speaking to IBM customers on OS/400 topics

I have used a wide range of systems

1960s IBM 1401, IBM 7090,/94
1970s IBM 1200, IBM1800, S/360-370, S/3. S/32. S/34.
* Most significant *
1974-1980 S/38 (Announced 1978 in Rochester and Klon Germany)
1980-Present AS/400 (iSeries)

Master of Science (MS), Kansas State University

January, 1962 - January, 1964

Mathematics and Computer Science

Bachelor of Science - BS, Adams State University

January, 1959 - January, 1965

Mathematics, Chemistry, and Physics

Laborer, Multiple Employers

January, 1955 - January, 1959

As a student growing up in Monte Vista Colorado I held several jobs
US Forest Service Summers as survey crew for roads (Fought a forest fire)
A & W Root Beer Stand Fry Cook and Trusted Employee
Newspapers - Denver Post and Alamosa Courier
Stuffed envelops for monthly mailing San Luis Valley Potato Growers
Trapped Muskrats
Bought Jack rabbits
* Sold fireworks