With over 25 years in community grassroots organizing, he is well tuned to the needs of the community, particularly regarding immigrant issues and community education. As a Program Director with Nuestra Casa, Julio Garcia combines his advocacy for health care with the education and social service needs of families in our diverse community. Responsible for management, development, implementation and evaluation of the Nuestra Casa Programs, curriculum development, implementation and evaluation of the Promotoras Red Comunitaria Program. In charge of the community outreach efforts and individual presentations of the Asset Building (Secure Future$ Program) a financial literacy and asset-building program designed to educate our low-income families in East Palo Alto, Menlo Park and Redwood City. Responsible for the Parent Academy Series In collaboration with the Ravenswood City School District that provides a culturally competent Parent Academy in both English and Spanish in 3 separate cohorts that fit the demographics of East Palo Alto's diverse communities.