Liz Braden is originally from Memphis, TN and is a 2010 graduate of University of Virginia, where she majored in Linguistics and Religious Studies. During her time at UVa, Liz explored her interest in development and Africa both academically and through a student organization called Building Tomorrow. After graduation she joined Building Tomorrow’s full-time staff in Indianapolis, IN. Liz fulfilled a variety of roles with Building Tomorrow working to empower young people to invest in providing students in East Africa with access to education.

In April 2014, Liz joined the Princeton in Africa team as the Program Manager. Princeton in Africa develops young leaders committed to Africa's advancement by offering yearlong fellowship opportunities with a variety of organizations working across the continent. Liz enjoys her work supporting the Fellows.

Personally and professionally, Liz is interested in inspiring young people to use their time, talents and resources to better their community.

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