Vivian Rahwanji is the Director of Transportation at Community Housing Development Corporation, (CHDC) a 501 (C) 3 non- profit corporation in Richmond CA. In this role, she leads the marketing direction and strategic vision for CHDC's Transportation Project and Portfolio Management. CHDC was established in 1990 and has several lines of business including Real Estate Development, Property Management, First-time Homeownership, Credit Counseling, Senior Services, as well as Transportation Services.

Vivian is responsible for reporting and grant management to the State of California Air Resources Board, and other corporate functions and projects with the overall goal of accelerating advanced technology vehicle usage and driving market-based affordability efforts in low-income and disadvantaged communities. She assists with the overall implementation and strategic management at CHDC, including the organization's long-range business planning, and program management. Additionally, she oversees certain business operations such as, green operations and strategic initiatives at CHDC.
She is responsible for driving product strategy and direction in The Transportation department and is also intimately involved in several new initiative ideas and development efforts within CHDC that is closely aligned with customer needs such as affordable housing and credit counseling.

She is responsible for the integration of CHDC's organizational initiatives and assists the Executive Director in setting goals and developing other staff and business initiatives.
She is currently acting as the interim Resource Development Director in charge of developing marketing ideas for the organization and working closely with consultants within the organization to ensure organizational priorities are met. As the Director of Race, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion initiative at CHDC she is dedicated to ensuring that CHDC achieves racial equity by operating in an inclusive working environment where diverse voices and perspective is heard and valued.
Prior to joining CHDC, Vivian was Asst. Vice President at Citibank, N.A for over 12 years, managing multiple branch operations, leading business plan development, financial forecasting, sales management and audit, and capital commitment planning before joining CHDC in 2014.

Vivian holds a Master of Arts degree in Management and Leadership from Liberty University in VA. She also serves as a Board of Director of the City of Richmond's Revolving Loan Fund and is a member of the Golden Key Honor Society.

Personal Leadership Statement

I define myself as a leader who serves and applies ethical principles to make a significant difference in people's lives. I see success as listening to understand, staying in the moment and being true to myself. I accomplish these by staying engaged and value inclusion and to be known as a leader who inspires others to strive for more and to bring out the best in them. I am an active listener, who trusts, believes, respect and treat others the way I'd like to be treated. I am a leader who believes in service, purpose, and strategy. I believe leadership is about serving others and not to be served and working with others to achieve their goals or our shared goals. I lead by having a positive vision, painting it clearly for others, and providing a sense of purpose in our work. I believe in the power of change and moving the world forward; in view of this, I strive for goals and strategies that are clearly different from others and focus intently on optimizing them. I am a leader who believes in values that create strength, consistency and sustainability. The values that are most important to me are personal character values--doing the right thing, even when it is a struggle; trust and transparency--letting others see my true self, fairness--providing both opportunities and rewards based on merit; progress--always moving forward; and perseverance--getting it done, regardless of obstacles.
As a leader who believes in well-being and an integrated life, I believe in leading a full, healthy life, integrating career, family, community activities, and personal wellness (physical, mental, psychological and spiritual) in a way that allows me to prioritize what is most important in the moment.

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