Open Hand's Chief Operating Officer, Susan Anderson, oversees our manufacturing operations and distribution teams as well as the Volunteer Services and Information Technology departments, accounting for about 60% of Open Hand's staff. Susan started at Open Hand in 2005 in fundraising and has served as Open Hand's Director of Development and Director of Strategic Alliances before landing in operations. Beginning in 2012, Susan brought a keen focus on quality and efficiency to operations, raising customer satisfaction and performance standards.

As a part of Open Hand's strategic plan development, Susan spearheaded a plan for increased financial vitality by streamlining operations and new revenue channels through product and geographic expansions. Susan has a detailed understanding of Open Hand's cost structure and supply chain and brings process management and execution strategy to any initiative. Apart from Susan's day-to-day responsibilities, Susan strives for operational excellence and continuously adjusts and refines our standard operating practices to reach higher standards.

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