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Caitlin K.

Founder & President
Brooklyn, NY, USA


I am the Founder and President of AVC. I started AVC after studying African history in college, passionately studying anything and everything about Africa and development issues, then doing volunteer work in Tanzania. While working at a grassroots community organization in Tanzania I noticed that grassroots organizations were badly in need of a qualified local workforce but could not afford to pay more employees, while there were many qualified locals passionate about improving their country but couldn't gain employment skills and couldn't afford to work for free. Seeing that a service corps of local Africans would fill this glaring gap, I decided to start an organization to strengthen grassroots development initiatives while also empowering locals to decide what "development" means to them and equipping them with the tools to make that vision a reality. As the founder and president of the organization I am involved in all aspects of our planning and implementation.