Executive Director and CEO
Milwaukee, WI, USA


I grew up in an area of Milwaukee where I thought my world and my future was confined to an 8-block area of the city, much of which was impoverished and broken by negative cultural influences such as drugs, crime, and abuse. My life lacked guidance, living in a single parent household without a father or positive male role model in my life. I made unhealthy choices that were guided by insecurities, peer pressure, lies, and bad information. This led me into a street lifestyle of gangs, drugs, addiction, crime, and incarceration. In addition, I believed I had no choice and that this was the world I was destined to live and die in. These challenges, along with the influence, support, acceptance, and prayer of those who truly cared for me, led me to the point where I finally and completely surrendered my life to God. In taking that step of faith, I started to understand what true freedom really was. Based on that, today I live a life of service. I now use my past experiences to help and assist others in bringing hope and an understanding that there are opportunities to live healthy, restored lives without having to go through the pain and suffering I lived through. Hope Through Restoration is a non-profit organization focused on making positive choices known and available to those living in the urban community. HTR would appreciate your support and partnership in helping us launch these much-needed services and programs.

With many thanks and God's Blessings,
LT Austin

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