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Christie Reeves, PHR, CPC

I will be the Human Resources CHAMPION to your organization!!
Human Resources holds the key to the success of the leadership and management of an organization by acting as culture Champions!
Every employee brings talent and value to the organization and has the ability to effect the culture and organizational happiness. It is the role of Human Resources to ensure that talent is fostered, leaders are developed and happiness is evident. Having a positive culture isn't just a nice thing to do, but a necessity of a business is to attract and keep the brightest and the best. I do not see myself as an effective member of HR if I am not able to directly impact the culture in a positive and lastly way!
As an HR Professional, Culture-bearer, Coach and Manager I address employee issues, ensure compliance with state and local laws, improve communication with employees, develop leaders, create and maintain a sense of pride and commitment to the organization and relentlessly pursue success and excellence.

I am conscientious and empathetic of others with a reputation for solid judgment and achieving optimal results.
I am able to provide leadership and HR guidance to both management team and employees.
I am a Trainer and Coach able to recognize organizational needs and develop successful leaders
I am proven successful with the ability to seek and find top talent to fill organizational needs.
I am an effective communicator able to motivate and lead others offering support while remaining within the guidelines of the organization.

* Creation and launch of Leadership Development program to 42 US IKEA stores with 54% promotion rate at test store
* 2014 Certified Professional Coach
* 2013 - Facilitator in Ken Blanchard Situational Leadership II.
* 2010 PHR certification
* Bachelor's degree from Northern Kentucky University with a focus on Human Resources


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