Dr. Ku Kahakalau is a native Hawaiian educator, researcher, cultural practitioner, grassroots activist, and expert in Hawaiian language, history and culture. Dr. Kahakalau promotes the revitalization of Hawaiian language and culture, hands-on learning in the environment, community sustainability and Hawaiian self-determination in education and beyond through a Pedagogy of Aloha. Over the past 25 years, Dr. Kahakalau founded and administered multiple innovate Hawaiian-focused program, including Kukulu Kumuhana Camps in cultural seedbanks like Waipi'o Valley, Kanu o ka `Aina, Hawai'i's first fully-accredited native-focused PK-12 public charter school, Halau Wanana, an innovative State-approved teacher licensing program, and more recently a family-owned social enterprise called Ku-A-Kanaka, providing products and services that perpetuate Hawai'i's native language, culture and traditions. Her latest efforts center around developing EA Ecoversity, a Hawaiian-focused post-secondary program that transitions Hawaiian youth to culturally-grounded, happy, successful, thriving adults, and responsible global citizens.