William B.

PPC Strategist
Lomita, CA, USA
Total impact
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Professional experience

PPC Strategist, Freelance

October, 2023 - Current

  • Spoke to clients to understand their challenges, goals, unique selling proposition, and market position.
  • Managed client expectations and created custom strategy for Google Ads and Meta (Facebook) Ads for ad spends upwards of $10K.
  • Built out new Google Ads search campaigns utilizing proper account structure and best practices, conducted competitive keyword research, implemented proper organization of ad groups, proper keyword match types, negative keywords, device segmentation, and ad extensions.
  • Audited existing Google Ads Campaigns to find problems and optimize performance. Restructured ad groups, keywords, bids, and ad copy to adhere to Google's best practices.
  • Analyzed search terms to discover new keyword ideas and find negative keywords to decrease irrelevant traffic.
  • Refined geotargeting to reach specific geographic locations more effectively.
  • Launched remarketing campaigns using Google Display Ads to help clients continue to reach customers after they leave their website.
  • Optimized bids, ad copy, and landing pages to improve overall campaign performance.
  • Monitored KPIs such as CTR, impression share, search lost IS, conversions, and cost per acquisition.
  • Used Excel to sort keywords, ad groups, and ads, and to budget pace for a Google Ads campaign.
  • Used Google Ads Editor to edit campaigns, ad groups, and ads.
  • Used Google Analytics to assess visitor behavior, create audiences for retargeting, and filter data.
  • Used Google Tag Manager for Google Analytics and Google Ads/Meta Ads conversion tracking.
  • Created a WordPress website from scratch.
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