Berneta L. Haynes is the Director of Equity and Access at Georgia Watch, where she works to make quality healthcare, financial literacy, energy programs and civil justice more equitable and accessible for all.

An attorney and champion of energy equity and healthcare access in particular, Berneta brings a unique mix of legal advocacy work, writing expertise and innovative use of digital journalism to impact pressing consumer issues. Her work centers on ensuring access to healthcare for all Georgians and increasing access to clean energy to improve the health and financial well-being of low-income families and communities.

Prior to joining the Georgia Watch team, Berneta spent years working on environmental and public health issues from diesel pollution reduction and energy efficiency to solar energy access. Berneta recently worked at Southern Environmental Law Center where she engaged in policy work around expanding access to solar energy and energy efficiency to low-to-moderate income families and communities of color. Since graduating from law school, she has engaged in environmental justice, energy equity, and public health work as an attorney in Chicago at Environmental Law and Policy Center and worked on consumer energy issues at Community Legal Services in Philadelphia. She currently serves on the South Atlantic Market Leadership Advisory Board at U.S. Green Building Council. Berneta also brings to Georgia Watch significant writing and editing experience, as a published author and previous editor of a nonprofit website.

Berneta received a J.D. from University of Iowa College of Law, a B.A. in English, Psychology, and Writing from Drury University, and a Master's in English from University of Iowa. Her interest in energy equity, public health, and healthcare access stems from her liberal arts background and research around intersections of race, class, and gender in American culture.

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