Ryan holds a B.S. in Justice Studies and Minor in Human Rights from San Jose State University. He
volunteered as an intern for the Mentor Program at FLY.

He is also a FLY Mentor.
He has known his mentee for 5 years and is still in touch with him.

Ryan then joined the FLY team as the Mentor Program Match
Manager. He currently supports our Development Team as the Executive Assistant to the Chief Development Officer.

Ryan has also received FLY's Volunteer Lifeline
Award in 2016.
Ryan says about FLY, "The youth that are referred to FLY are often hopeless and defeated.
At FLY, we are able to provide them with a second chance to become more than their past mistakes. The
Mentor Program is crucial for our youth. For some youth, this is the first time they have someone in
their life that is a positive role model." Ryan joined FLY in April 2016.

Fun fact: Ryan has a photographic memory and loves photography.


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