Tania R.

Volunteer Manager
San Juan, Puerto Rico


Tania Tamara Rosado is an expressive, spontaneous and authentic leader - traits that she's been able to use very well in her communications career. For more than 17 years she's worked in various areas within the field of communications such as: Public Relations, Advertising, Marketing and Audiovisual Production, in addition to writing for the Media, Press, Fund-raising and Sales, for the private and public sector, in the cooperative movement and in non-profit organizations in Puerto Rico.

She currently serves as Head of Communications of the Youth Development Institute of Puerto Rico (IDJ), where she leads efforts to ensure the positioning of the IDJ and issues related to children and youth in Puerto Rico. Her goal is to make the development of children and youth a priority in the decision-making of Puerto Rico, and to gain public support for the organization's public policy agenda. In addition, she collaborates in the organization of all aspects of media programming, from idea to implementation, and assists the Executive Director with the group's critical issues, establishing the management strategy and being the primary media liaison.

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