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Armando C.

Multimedia Developer
Chicago, IL, USA
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Webmaster/IT Specialist, East-West University

February, 2018 - Current

  • Join client meetings to learn about development of project scopes.
  • Write new policies, such as the Social Media, Privacy and Data policies that did not previously exist.
  • Meet with administration, staff and faculty to obtain more information and discuss design options.
  • Creation of identity materials, including the design and issuing of student Identification cards.
  • Overseeing audits, inventory writing, maintenance and repair of vital systems, such as the front desk security systems and hardware.
  • Overseeing scheduling of project milestones and coordinate with clients on any proposed changes or challenges to be overcome.
  • Carry out quality assurance and security tests to discover errors and optimize usability
  • Negotiate and maintain contracts and services with companies such as Google, Adobe and Microsoft.
  • Establishing and creating new relationships with 503c and NPO related companies, for resources and services.
  • Issue events, public service announcements and alerts to staff, faculty and student via the East-West University website and other POC.
  • Complete detailed programming and development tasks for front-end public and internal websites as well as challenging back-end server code.
  • Content, SEO and media creation for East-West University website, printed collateral and other
  • Development of web and applications using HTML/XHTML, PHP, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery. Inclusive of the CMS, Wordpress.
  • Responsible for quality assuring server/client side architecture, in relation to East-West Universities online persona.
  • Creating and maintaining databases.
  • Creating single-page application with use of front-end tools such as Angular.
  • Help with software and technical issues around East-West University, for staff, faculty and students.
  • Responsible for recording and editing of media for events at East-West University.

312.939.0111 x1818

Teacher, Dabble

November, 2017 - Current


Event Category

Event Overview
The knowledge you gain will be both practical and useful anywhere wild plants grow. You will be provided with our own Identification guide for wild plants, as well as baggies will be provided for gathering foraged items.

What You'll Learn
•Learning to identify wild foods
•Sustainable and progressive harvesting
•Toxic look-alikes
•Must have tools of the trade
•Flora species names
•Recipes and uses for foraged items

Perennials & Yard Laborer, Fiore Nursery and Landscape Supply

May, 2017 - June, 2017

*Fulfilled pick tickets for orders and unloaded and stocked deliveries by working with truck drivers from all over the country.

*Worked hand in hand unloading trees to large racks of hosta in a short amount of time. Then was responsible for stocking them to their proper homes

*Organized and maintained perennials section. Learned much in a short time about plants while alphabetizing and helping customers fulfill orders.

*Was responsible for primary daily watering of poly houses for perennials, annuals and tropical plants. I was also responsible for grounds keeping, such as weeding and trash removal.

Research & Data Entry and Q/A Leads Development, Scout Exchange

November, 2013 - April, 2014

Research & Data Entry and Q/A Lead Development, Scout: Nov. 2013 to April 2014
Phase 1 - Research & Data Entry:
Located specific information, then verified and logged data for over 2000 different companies into a live Google spreadsheet for further verification.

Phase 2 - SalesForce: Q/A Leads Development:
During the second phase I quality assured the data of contact and company information using Salesforce for leads generated from Phase 1.

Job Recruit, Aquent

January, 2013 - January, 2014

My responsibilities as Job Recruit at Aquent included tracking my hours responsibly and preforming the job to the best of my abilities.

Contract Multimedia Developer, J Design

May, 2012 - July, 2012

During my time here I was responsible for various design and development tasks using PHP, HTML5, CSS 2/3 , Wordpress and Umbraco CMS for the development and administration of various websites.

Quality Assurance Developer, PointRoll

March, 2012 - April, 2012

fiddler2, HTTP Debug HTML, Flash, ActionScript ?, javaScript: Quality Assurance work on Flash & HTML “creatives” assigned to advertisers “placements”.

Production Assistant, NBC The Voice

July, 2011 - July, 2011

July. 16th & 17th

  • Directed those auditioning in and out of auditions in a professional manner.

  • Kept consistent communication with my team members.

  • Provided positive reinforcement for people auditioning for peak performance.

Web Development Design & Content Manager, Lena's On Lincoln

June, 2011 - August, 2011

  • Created responsive Wordpress website design, graphics and coding for

  • Developed W3C validated Wordpress CMS Theme.

  • Created brand and logo design in various forms

  • Served as lead designer for collateral and brand materials.

  • Developed marketing campaign and conducted survey based field research.

Web Developer/Design/Customer Service, Bulldog Bootcamp

February, 2010 - Current

• Provide SEO and local SEO consultation and implementation.

• Tasked with the occasional graphic design of promotional or brand material, including flyer design.

• Used Wordpress and PHP to maintain the design, development, implementation and deployment of web applications, services and content to meet process initiatives.

• Responsible for quality assurance of complex web architecture, code writing, and ensuring website functionality and user accessibility.

• Taking the lead when required to evaluate the design of existing or proposed systems to structure and access databases required for Bulldog Bootcamp’s website as well as the hardware maintenance.

CIS, Devry University Chicago, IL

January, 2008 - January, 2009


Web Developer and Design Lead, it Conflict

October, 2007 - October, 2011

• Was responsible for keeping with current web technologies and the best practices to implement.

• Developed and designed web pages, graphics and interactive media.

• Built partnerships with online properties and identified new digital business opportunities.

Freelance Web Developer and Design Lead, Lunarcentric

January, 1999 - Current

Freelance Web and Multimedia Development, Mantis Studios (previously under my own name): Jan 1st, 1999 to Current

Freelance Web and Multimedia Development:
* Drupal CMS, PHP, HTML5, CSS 2/3 , javaScript: Jacobs Agency ~

  • HTML5, CSS, Phtoshop, Illustrator: Maplehurst Bakeries ~

  • HTML5 CSS3, CSS3 Animation, javaScript, User Agent Detection, Responsive: Aviation Attorneys, Barnett & Borth, LLC ~

  • HTML5, META, SEO ~

  • PHP, HTML5, CSS 2/3 , Wordpress CMS: Completed site for Piccolo Sogno.

  • .NET, HTML5, CSS 2/3 , Umbraco CMS: Made regular updates, edits and changes for Rochelle Park District

  • Photoshop & Illustrator CS, Social Media, UX, Templating, Wireframes : Was responsible and completed the Facebook, Google+ Twitter & Youtube page designs for

Associates Degree, ITT Tech. Institute

- Current

Multimedia & Design