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Renee P.

Founding Board Member
Brooklyn, NY, USA


In the summer of 2013 we were busy deconstructing a Nativity scene in the courtyard of a church where we would build four small compost bins out of repurposed wood. Along with Victor, who then was a junior in high school, we began weekly collections of food scraps from a dozen households and processing a humble 300 lbs a month. In hindsight, there was something visionary about launching BK ROT in a place where people come together each week seeking answers to the meaning of life, death and rebirth. Over the last four years, coming together each Sunday to perform a ritual of transforming food waste into a renewable resource, we've learned just how interconnected our lives are to the health of the microbiology that is invisible from our daily routines. As we begin to see the affects of climate change here in New York City, we are affirmed in our need to reinforce these relationships and ground ourselves in the work of supporting the conditions for all life. For us, composting is joyous, powerful, radical work. Joyous as we find ourselves connecting with hundreds of neighbors through producing compost, which renders beautiful wild spaces. Powerful in that the young people doing the work remind us weekly just how much our future rests with their appreciation and commitment to our ecosystems. And radical in that we are directly challenging the legacy and ongoing impacts of the waste industry in NYC. We are proud that BK ROT is creating new and replicable possibilities. This project is about so much more than just diverting organic waste from landfills. It's supporting the next generation of leaders who will
fight to make our city work for the millions that live here. It's keeping resources cycling in our community- ecological, financial and human. It's about open space where people from all walks of life build community and take responsibility for our human impact. It's speaking to the injustice of "disposal communities" and asserting a healthier, more inclusive vision for the future. Along with our incredible community of supporters, we are dreaming up the next phase of BK ROT. We're looking forward to a year of scaling up diversion rates through partnerships, solidifying our internal structure, and growing the BK ROT family. Join us!