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Jacob M.

Staten Island, NY, USA
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I’m a numbers kind of guy, but I’m also a creative thinker, often working closely with product manufacturers, outsourcing firms, vendors and purchasing departments to design and negotiate cost containment or revenue generating strategies that provide long-lasting value. I’m committed to my programs’ success. I tend to work hard, stay late, and make sure it’s right. I attribute this dedication to my early career as a payroll supervisor, when I learned that when it comes to people’s paychecks, it has to be right.

I love the dynamic nature of the SEO consulting and e-marketing industry. The ever-evolving Internet marketplace and the nuances of how I do what I do are constantly in flux—and that keeps me challenged, always growing my skills, always trying to beat my top score.

Whether I’ve been onboarded as a consultant or a full-time employee, the companies I’ve worked for have significantly cut back on CPC (cost per click) rates, boosted CPA (cost per action) rates, and grown their free organic SEO traffic as a direct result of my efforts. Once on the team, I’m able to “pay for myself” quickly, set my employer up for long-term profitable growth, and train other team members in what I do—in short, I have a strong track record of delivering a great ROI.

Specialties: e-Commerce Conversion Rates ? Internet Marketing Management ? SEO Strategy ?Amazon ? eBay ? Pay per Click (PPC)Campaigns


  • Branding
  • Human Resources


  • Health & Nutrition
  • Human Services
  • Youth Development