George Y.

Vice President
Norcross, GA, USA


George Young, a native of Ohio with deep roots in Georgia, holds an Associate of Science degree in Kinesiology and Health from Georgia State University Perimeter College. With over a decade of experience in the field of nutrition, he is well on his way to acquiring a license in nutritional medicine. George is dedicated to imparting the profound importance of a healthy
diet and nutrition to others, striving for their betterment and well-being.

Beyond his professional journey, George's life took a significant turn in 2013 when he faced the harsh realities of life during a snowstorm that disrupted many parts of the US. Faced with the unaffordability of basic necessities like gas and electricity, he had to rely on a hotplate to provide for his family. Balancing between heating a room and the hallway to the bathroom,
George's struggles during this period fueled a passion to ensure others wouldn't have to
endure similar hardships. A steadfast believer in God, George's life motto is "Put God first, and He will do the best for us." He attributes his relief from these challenging circumstances to divine intervention and is determined to use his testimony to inspire and uplift others.

In George's eyes, the choice between paying bills and affording basic necessities should never be a dilemma. In 2019, he realized his lifelong dream by cofounding 'Lights Back On.' This nonprofit organization is dedicated to helping the vulnerable and those in need. It currently focuses on providing "Electricity and water utility assistance," "Homes for the Homeless,"
"Food Pantry," and "Smart sacks for students." George's ambition extends beyond the borders of Georgia, where the organization is currently based, as he aims to broaden its geographic reach.

Despite its operational status since June 2020 and its assistance to over 100 families in connecting with other supportive organizations, 'Lights Back On' remains relatively unknown. George, along with his dedicated team, is tirelessly working to boost awareness and raise funds to support the organization's expansion and maximize the impact on those in need.
Taking the first step as Vice President of Lights Back On, George has initiated a Public Sector Announcement, marking his commitment to making a positive difference in the world.

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