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Lindsey D.

Development Director
Garberville, CA, USA


Prior to basking in the glory of the Redwoods in Northern California, Lindsey worked for 5 years with an urban nature preserve in the Southern United States, where she served at different periods as the Conservation Director, Director of Operations, and the Executive Director.

Lindsey came to Trees Foundation in early 2017 where she is now the Development Director. Her goal is help maintain financial stability within the organization through cultivating understanding and passion in the community about the natural world we live in.

She personally believes that if we develop a deeper relationship to nature, we will solve many of our society's problems. She is always looking for an opportunity to put her bare feet on the earth, hug a tree and/or something furry.

Lindsey has experience in volunteer management, board development, strategic planning, and lite technical skills. She's dedicated to using whatever tools she's got to building resilient communities that are both biologically and economically rich.