Rose Lynn A.

Strategic Plan Coordinator
Berkeley, CA, USA


I develop programs that aim to help organizations and faith-based institutions meet their mission and vision. Through relationship building, fostering connections and drawing focus to what matters most for individuals and communities, I hope to bring capacity, joy and a sense of authentic purpose to those I have the honor to serve.

In my work as an educator, I discovered the value teaching children to develop agency, think and problem solve creatively. As a teacher of literacy, I learned the value of understanding the individual needs of emerging and developing readers and the power of building mindful habits of reading text and the world. I learned the power of citizenry that this kind of reading can foster in little humans.

In my work in the out of school time field and non-profit sector, I learned the value of clarity and focus on mission, vision, and values in setting the course for the living being that is an organization or business. I learned the value of relationships and collaboration in setting an alternative way of being in the workplace and in developing teachers and leaders.

Across my vocational spaces and inspiring community and faith groups, I bring to my leadership an equity-focused lens with a reverent eye to the people in the work as critical to realizing our goals. This is grounded in the belief that great things happen when we can bring our whole selves to the table. Not only can we achieve our goals but we can do so with integrity and a spirit of bayanihan.

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