Executive Director
Marietta, GA, USA


Bienvenue created Girl Now Woman Later, a nonprofit dedicated to combating child marriage in Burkina Faso. She's a staunch advocate of menstruation education, which includes helping young girls to understand how their bodies function. Like most Burkinabe women, Konsimbo was given little information about menstruation growing up. She wasn't able to learn about how her body worked in school, even in an all-girl boarding institution. Periods were a private matter, dealt with in secrecy or discussed only among family members. Some families keep the topic of girls' periods taboo and are uncomfortable engaging in conversation about it with their daughters. If that sounds like the remote past, think again: this kind of misinformation goes on to this day in Burkina Faso. This kind of behavior is one of the pillars of the child marriage issue that continues to pervade communities in the country. Girls who don't understand how their own body works and lack a culture of promoting independence for women, girls do not believe they have options when offered as a bride to older men. The simple act of allowing girls to talk freely about their menstruation period can be a powerful tool to create a better and safer environment. Through her own experiences and dedication to these issues, Bienvenue launched Girl Now Woman Later: to break taboos and emancipate Burkinabe girls so they can become leaders themselves!


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